Terms and conditions of use


Our products are not drugs or food supplements, and do not substitute any medical preparation or treatment.

We make our products using only natural ingredients. Some products like candles and self-lighting incenses may contain chemical elements which are specified on product description and details, as well as other ingredients which might cause allergic reactions.

Concerning products which can come in contact with the body, especially for allergic subjects, we suggest to seek medical advice before application or, alternatively, place a small amount of product on your skin to be sure there is no any risk of an unexpected allergic reaction.

In case of pregnancy, if not differently specificated, we recommend not to use products for internal use, or which enter in contact with the skin.

Unless otherwise noted, our products are generally used only externally. We accept no responsibility for side effects due to wrong use of our products, their abuse and allergic reactions.

Oils, incenses, elixirs and flower essences should be stored in a cool and dry place, tightly closed after every use.
Even if these kinds of products don't have a specific expiration date, they may deteriorate or lose their effectiveness after about 1-2 years, and 2-3 years for elixirs and flower essences, so we recommend you to consume them within 16-24 months. In particular, products which are used internally we accept no responsibility for consumption after the best before date suggested.

Avoid the abuse of elixirs, products for internal use and oils which enter in contact with the skin.

For safety reasons you must never leave candles burning unattended, near flammable materials or while you are sleeping.

Our esoteric supplies are made by energy practices and during specific moon phases. They have the purpose to support and empower your magical activity but do not guarantee the effectiveness of a spell. This, in fact, depends exclusively from skills and knowledge of who practices the Craft of witchcraft.

Shipment & Refunds

Packages are generally dispatched within 7 days (tuesday and friday morning) after payment has been received, except when a product is out of stock, as it might require more time to be made.

We offer several kind of shipping modalities, and for security reasons we recommend tracked & signed shipping option.
Choosing other delivery options different from a trackable one is at your own risk. We will take special care to protect fragile objects, but we accept no responsibility in case of lost parcel or damage to its contents during shipping process, and in general for problems concerning the shipping service. This is responsability of the courier or post office which will also have to provide money refund in case of lost parcels or damage to its content.

Our shipping prices also include handeling fee, and are applicable to small parcels up to 4 Kg out from UK, and up to 5kg within UK. If your order will exceed these ranges of weight, it will be require an additional cost plus insurance.

We cannot group two or more distinct orders placed separately. And we will need to apply shipping fees to each of them.

For items already shipped, a refund is granted in full into 14 days from delivery, and only if items purchased do not correspond to the ones ordered, or in case of quality issues. In those cases, if a return will be requested from us, refund will be issued once items are sent back and received, and return shipping cost will be at our expenses.

In case of damaged items during shipping, or lost parcels, refund is responsability of, and to be claimed to, courier or post office.

In case of orders placed by mistake, refund in granted in full if the mistake is rectified befor shipping occured, if not, refund will be granted only when items will be sent back (for international orders will be required to send via tracked shipping service) at buyer expenses (proof of post to be shown), and only the cost of items, whithout shipping cost, will be refunded.

In placing your order you agree to our terms of service.